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Exhibition Introduction

CIMP AutoEcosystems Autumn Expo

The 2024 Hangzhou International Smart Mobility, Automotive Modification and Automotive Aftermarket Services Ecosystems Expo (CIMP AutoEcosystems Autumn Expo) will be held at Hangzhou International Expo Center from September 20 to 22. With a scale of 60,000㎡, the Expo is expected to attract more than 1,000 participating exhibitors and 100,000 professional buyers. The Expo will focus on the industrial demand of the East China region, optimizing resource allocation to effectively transform the region's industrial and market advantages.  This Expo will provide opportunities for companies to expand new sales channels and marketplace.

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Floor Plan
Exhibition Advantages

Timing the "Golden September and Silver October" to Boost Sales

  1. Every September and October are peak seasons for the consumer market. Stocking up on new and popular products is key to winning the sales battle in the autumn and winter market. The CIMP AutoEcosystems Autumn Expo brings together the best industry resources to help companies to activate distribution channels and boost market sales during the peak season

Seizing the First-hand Products in the Yangtze & Pearl River Delta Region

  1. The Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta are two major manufacturing hubs in the Automotive Industry, particularly aftermarket OEM accounting for over 80%. The Autumn Expo intergrate resources of the Pearl River Delta from the Shenzhen Spring Expo with the combination of Yangtze River Delta resources. This combination brings together a vast array of first-hand products from two industrial regions, allowing you to procure at the lowest cost.

A One-stop Automotive Products Procurement Platform for 

E-commerce Operators

  1. The online market for car accessories has exceeded 100 billion yuan. Factories and brands are increasingly looking to expand into various online platforms, including e-commerce platforms, social e-commerce, community e-commerce, and live-stream e-commerce. At this Expo, professional buyers can procure new products for the 'Double 11' and 'Double 12' festivals, and have the opportunity to meet over 1,000 factories and brand representatives


Racing and Performance Parts

  • Reinforcements: body reinforcements, chassis reinforcements, carbon fiber parts, etc.

  • Performance Braking: steel brake lines, performance brake pads, brake discs, calipers, etc.

  • Suspension & Shock Absorption: performance short springs, height adjustable dampers, pneumatic shock absorbers, etc.

  • Intake and Exhaust: intake, air filter, exhaust, headers, etc.

  • ECU: plug-in computer, automobile ECU, etc.

  • Oil: engine oil, lubricating oil, additive, etc.

  • Hub: hub, high-performance hub

  • Hub Supporting Products: bearings, nuts, balance weights, valves, hub covers, etc.

  • Tire Repair and Inspection: tire repair, testing, tire replacement equipment, etc.

  • Tire: tire, high-performance tire, etc.

  • Tire Design/Service: enterprises and design companies related to automotive lightweight solutions, wheel technology suppliers, traders, distributors, etc.

  • Interior Upgrade: aviation seat, floor, armrest box, tray table, ceiling lamp, gear lock, instrument panel, interior hardware, carpet, leather, curtain, related equipment, etc.

  • Exterior Upgrade: new energy modification and upgrade, body kit, exterior parts, grille, various pedals, electric sliding doors, handles, door handles, related equipment, etc.

  • Decoration: headrest, throw pillow, phone holder, floor mat, steering lock, central lock, child seat, leather seat, car perfume, etc.

  • Electronic & Electric Modification: CMS electronic rearview mirror, ambient light, electric back door, electric center door, electric suction door, 360° panoramic image, navigation, dash cam, smart film, keyless entry system, smart aroma diffuser, LCD key, wireless charging, BSD, OBD, HUD, folding rearview mirror, electronic rearview mirror, night vision device, original car decoder, IOV solutions, rear entertainment screens, etc.

  • New Energy Electronics: new energy modification and upgrade, large DC charging piles, small DC charging piles, AC charging piles, portable charging guns, discharging guns, chargers, energy storage power supplies, PV, charging cabinets, platform operators, associated components, etc.

  • In-vehicle Small Appliances: wireless carplay, video recorder, air purifier, car refrigerator, in-vehicle inverter, in-vehicle phone holder, car Bluetooth headset, car charger, tire pump, electronic fan, car clock, in-vehicle electric folding table, in-vehicle eye massager, in-vehicle MP player, emergency power supply, massager, car vacuum cleaner, electronic steering wheel lock, humidifier, car safe, car KTV, etc.

  • Electronic Appliances: electronic control system of engine, electronic control system of chassis, electronic control system of vehicle body, electronic fuel injection system, sensor, actuator, brake control, anti-skid control, traction control, electronic suspension, auto transmission, electronic power steering, automotive information system navigation system, vehicle-mounted communication system, Internet access equipment, vehicle-mounted diagnostic devices, electric seat adjustment, keyless starting system, auxiliary driving system, wire harness, inductor, electronic connector, actuator, sensor, electronic fittings (transformer, concealed switch, and relay), antenna, inverter, etc.

  • Auto Audio System: smart vehicle system, rear entertainment system, ceiling screen, LCD panel, power amplifier, auto horn, DSP, digital player, etc.

  • Audio-visual (AV) Accessories Solutions: AV solution, mold, cable, screen, frequency divider, drum paper, basin stand, mesh enclosure, software protocol, power management system, etc.

  • Vehicle Lighting Source: matrix headlamp lens, LD laser & LED bifocal lens, high-power LED headlamp, LED signals, intelligent control LED headlamp, etc.

  • Auto Lighting: full dynamic penetration front/rear matrix assembly, full LED headlamp/tail lamp assembly, LED front fog lamp/lens assembly, geometric multi-beam pixel/lens large assembly, PML projection intelligent headlamp assembly, ISD intelligent interactive tail lamp assembly, OLED tail lamp module, multi-beam pixel SOC module, DLP projector module, etc.

  • Off-road/Pickup/Engineering and Special Vehicle Working Lamps: strip lamps, working lamps, headlamp/tail lamp assembly, fog lamps/daytime running lamps, side lamps, overhead lamps, searchlights, etc.

  • Auto Atmosphere Lamps: intelligent inside special atmosphere lamps, instrument atmosphere lamps, angel wings lamps, projective guest lamps, wheel hub lamps, instrument panel lamps, decorative light bars, etc.

  • Lamp Equipment, Materials and Services: car lamp test system, sealant, stamping parts, spring, screws, lens hood, lamp glass,harness, car lamp mold, etc.

  • Automotive window film, paint protective film, color changing film, TPU color changing film, starry sky window film, intelligent light-sense canopy, core substrate, masterbatch, coating, glue, testing equipment, application tools, film cutting machine, data, etc

  • Washing and Beauty Products: car wash soap, sediment loosening agent, car wash foam, wheel hub cleaning agent, tire wax, leather cleaning/caring agent, asphalt cleaning agent, cleaning products, etc.

  • Maintenance Products: lubricating oil (engine oil), brake oil, gearbox oil, washing liquid (glass water), antifogging agent, fuel additive, chassis armor, cleaning agent, brake fluid, etc.

  • Washing & Beauty Tools and equipment: gantry car washer, self-service car washer, portable car washer, vacuum cleaner, cleaning brush, floor grid, polishing machine, polishing disc, beauty room lighting, etc.

  • Maintenance Tools and Equipment: automatic gearbox cleaning and oil change, cold medium recovery, four-wheel locator, levator, dry cleaning machine and maintenance products, consumables, tools and equipment, etc.

  • Supercar、Commercial Vehicle、RV

Concurrent Events
Professional Forum

2024 AEA The China International Auto Tunning Competition (East China Region) and East China Car Enthusiast Meetup

Scale: 150 modified vehicles

Date: 2024.9.20-22

Alibaba Global AliExpress Automotive Parts Industry Strategy and Collaboration Conference (Hangzhou)

Conference Scale: 150 people

Date: 2024.9.21

JD Auto 2024 Automotive Aftermarket Promotion Conference (Hangzhou)

Conference Scale: 200 people

Date: 2024.9.21

International Competition

2024 AEA China International Off-road Vehicle/Pickup Truck Tuning Master Competition(East China Region)

Scale: 150 modified vehicles

Time: 2024.9.20-22

2024 AEA 2nd China International Off-Road Vehicle/Pickup Truck Carnival(East China Region)

Scale: 16 modified vehicles


2024 AEA China International Commercial Vehicle Tuning Master Competition (East China Region)

Scale: 16 modified vehicles


2024 AEA Automotive Audio World Championship & Automotive Audio Test Event (East Chimna Region)

Scale: 64 modified vehicles


Fan Festival

The CCI Supercar International Electronic Music Festival

Time: 2024.9.20-22

Tank/LYNK&CO Modification Carnival

Scale: 150 modified vehicles

Time: 2024.9.20-22

Tesla Modification Carnival

Scale: 150modified vehicles

Time: 2024.9.20-22

Trunk Food Market & Tailgate Party

Scale: 80 vehicles

Time: 2024.9.20-22

CoolCarShow Auto Color Change Film Brand Fan Festival

Scale: 60 vehicles

Time: 2024.9.20-22

Coser & Fan Meet Up

Scale: 70 vehicles

Time: 2024.9.20-22

Supercar Carnival

Scale: 60 vehicles

Time: 2024.9.20-22

Mercedes-Benz/BMW/BYD Fan Festival

Scale: 80 vehicles

Time: 2024.9.20-22

Buyer Analysis