Autumn Exhibition

How does the closed-door meeting of 30 + film enterprises and Kyushu exhibition affect the market development pattern? # Kyushu Exhibition


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# Background

Following the October 25 CIMP AutoEcosystems entered Changzhou Menghe Automobile Interior and Exterior Modification Industrial Base. On November 18, CIMP has hosted the China Automotive Aftermarket trends Forum in Guangzhou Longdong Auto Film Industrial Base. Since last year, Guangzhou Longdong has gradually become the production and supply center of China Auto Filming Industry. Its influence on the Auto Film Market is increasing day by day .


# Purpose

The Forum aims to cooperate with all parties to jointly promote the Industrial Base. By building film production factories, disruption centers and E-commences to form a “Trade with China, Connect the World” pattern through their locational benefits.


# Participants

The Forum has gained the great support from 13 Auto Film companies, and more than 30 Auto Film companies representatives participated in it:

Nantong Nelle Protective Film Manufactory

Tailong Color Tube Manufactory

Guangzhou Yilumei Auto Supplies Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Kucai Film Material Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Xiqiya Film Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Xuxin Film Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Weigu Film Technology Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Yajiu Composite Material Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Kabinshi Film Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Hongyuan Film Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Bojin Auto Supplies Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Guanyi New Material Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Chezhuzhu Network Technology Co., Ltd.

# CIMP Mission

CIMP AutoEcosystem organizer will continue coordinate more Auto Film companies to conduct multiple online and offline activities, helping more companies to gather together and develop with this network!