Autumn Exhibition

The 2024 Wealth Feast is about to begin, and the global brand exhibitors of the CIMP AutoEcosystems Expo have gathered!


From 2023 to 2024, the global automobile market will change, with a wave of personalized consumption sweeping across and new energy vehicles rapidly penetrating, which accelerates the transformation of the world's automobile industry, and the global automobile market pattern is changing accordingly.

In an era of drastic changes in the industry, a new round of business gambling has begun. The 2024 CIMP AutoEcosystems Expo will be grandly held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a large-scale automobile ecological exhibition and trade platform in Asia, the exhibition closely will follow the four major automobile industry clusters such as Auto Technology, Automotive Modification, Commercial Vehicles and RV & camping, and will feature new products, new technologies, new models, and new projects as the focus to win market opportunities for global automotive operators!

5,400+ comprehensive modification brands, 1,000+ personalized customized modified models, and 20,000+ hot products have been assembled already. The Chinese automobile industry’s 2024 gold nugget feast is about to begin at the CIMP AutoEcosystems Expo.


Custom Modification Theme Exhibition Area

As car owners become younger and younger, personalized car consumption has become the mainstream nowadays, and personalized modifications are rising rapidly. In 2024, the exhibits in this theme exhibition area span 12 major categories, including exhibition areas such as customized and modified vehicles, interior and exterior modifications, performance parts, tires and wheel hubs, off-road/pickup trucks, automotive electronics, auto audio and video, automotive lighting, auto film, automotive air conditioning, boutique gifts, and beauty maintenance and so forth.

120+ OEM brands have gathered

The automotive modificationexhibition area will have more than 120 OEM brands participating in the exhibition, with more than 1,000 personalized customized and modified models, covering luxury customized cars, brand performance vehicles, new energy modified vehicles, domestic and foreign top modified vehicles, etc., debuting at the exhibition, with an exhibition scale of 60,000 square meters.

5400+ comprehensive modification brands

The scale of the comprehensive modification exhibition area will reach 180,000 square meters. The number of buyers visiting the site is expected to exceed 300,000, including car manufacturers, 4S groups, international traders, domestic and foreign high-quality dealers, etc. The huge market opportunities will attract 5,400+ comprehensive modification brands to gather here.

Interior and Exterior modification Brands

Performance Modification Brands

Auto Film Brands

Auto Audio Brands

Auto Eelectronics Brands

Auto Tire & Wheel Hub Brands

Auto Lighting and Air Conditioning Brands

Auto Market Service Brands


Auto Technology Theme Exhibition Area

At this exhibition, many factories that are the source of pre-installation auto equipment and technology will all show up to release new products of the year. Famous brand companies such as Mobileye, Lambda, Xhorse, Xindetai Ke Electrical Appliances, Zhipu Tech, Okcap, and Guangdong Dazhi will be present to showcase advancedinnovations in the automotive field such as smart cockpits, autonomous driving, smart interconnection, and new energy vehicles, and release personalized, intelligent, safe and comfortable supporting upgrade solutions for the new energy sedans, business, off-road, MPV, SUV, pickup trucks, trucks, buses, and RVs. 


Commercial Vehicle Theme Exhibition Area

The number of commercial vehicles in China ranks first in the world. The implementation of Internet of Vehicles, intelligence and safety in domestic commercial vehicles is in full swing, and the market prospects arepromising. This exhibition area includes more than 500 brand companies such as Mobilyeye, Hikvision, Guide Infraredi, Lambda, etc., covering complete commercial vehicles, pre-installation technology, Internet of Vehicles, parts and maintenance, upgraded parts, parking air conditioners with 300+ detailed segmented products displaying. This comprehensively demonstrates the innovative products and technology research and development results of China commercial vehicle industry, and continues to empower the healthy development in the long way.


RV & Camping Theme Exhibition Area

With the rise of self-driving travel culture and the gradual improvement of supporting facilities, the entertainment lifestyle represented by RV travel is gradually accepted by people.  RV market has huge potential and unlimited possibilities in the future. In 2024, the exhibits in this themed exhibition area cover RV parts, camping and outdoor equipment, two-wheelers and riding equipment, etc. 300+ brands such as Xingzhou RV, Miye RV, and Eriba will be present, and 1,000+ media/KOI are invited to promote the "Greater Bay Area" cultural tourism market from multiple perspectives such as market, consumption, channels, etc.


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Founded in 2006, Shenzhen International Smart Mobility, Auto Modification and Aftermarket Service Ecosystems Expo (referred to as: CIMP AutoEcosystems Expo) has been successfully held for 23 sessions. With the core concept of ‘Technology, Fashion and Trade’, the exhibition is the most influential and the only large-scale exhibition and trade platform in Asia covering Auto Technology, Vehicle Release, Auto Aftermarket, and Auto Culturecategories and business form. The 2024 CIMP AutoEcosystems Expo will be expanded and upgraded comprehensively, with the total exhibition scale of 280,000 square meter and the buyers are expected to exceed 300,000.“Media and VIP Buyer Day” will be established for the first time, and the exhibition period will be extended to 4 days. The Expo consists of four major themed exhibitions: Shenzhen International Custom Modified Vehicle Exhibition, Global Intelligent Vehicles Conference and Fair, Shenzhen International Commercial Vehicle Ecosystems Expo, and Shenzhen International RV & Camping Exhibition, which is a grand ceremony in the automotive industry dedicated to creating a global annual high-quality and efficient new products, new technology releases and trading platforms.