Autumn Exhibition

With over a thousand new product launches, the 2024 AutoEcosystems Expo Nuggets Event is about to begin!


From March 7th to 10th, 2024, the CIMP AutoEcosystems Expo, which has attracted much attention from the industry, will have a grand opening at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. As Asia's largest automotive ecological exhibition and trade platform, the CIMP AutoEcosystems Expo has become a must-visit industry event for people in the Chinese automotive industry every year.

This exhibition covers a scale of 280,000 square meters. It focuses on new products, new technologies, new models, and new projects, and closely follows the four major automotive industry clusters such as auto technology, customization and modification, commercial vehicles, and RV camping. There are 120+ vehicle brands and 5400+ comprehensive modification brands on site, which will bring many dazzling new product launches to the visitors. The 2024 gold nugget feast of China's automobile industry is about to begin at the CIMP AutoEcosystems Expo.


Customized modification theme

In 2024, the theme exhibition area will have a total vehicle exhibition area of 60,000 square meters and a comprehensive modified exhibition area of 180,000 square meters. The 12 major categories comprehensively display the technological innovation, product trends, industrial ecology, and development models of global automobile companies and parts companies. 120+ complete vehicle brands and 5400+ comprehensive modification brands, focusing on releasing popular new products.

Massive brand new product launches during the exhibition

Interior and exterior modifications

• 2024 Xiaomi Smart New Product Launch Conference

Guangzhou Xiaomi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Bohai Automobile New Product Launch Conference

Changxing Bohai Automotive Technology Co., Lt

• 2024 Jinri Automobile New Product Launch Conference

Hangzhou Jinri Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Wotjie new product launch conference

Changzhou Wotjie Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Mingliang Automobile New Product Launch Conference

Linyi Economic and Technological Development Zone Mingliang Automobile Supplies Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Biaokai Automobile New Product Launch Conference

Jiangsu Biaokai Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Youche Cool Product New Product Launch Conference

YouCheKupin brand exhibition area

• 2024 Kajerui New Product Launch Conference 

Kajerui Brand Exhibition Area

• 2024 Yuanfeng Intelligent Reform New Product Launch Conference

Yuanfeng Intelligent Reform Brand Exhibition Area

• 2024 Dingshili new product launch conference

Dingshili brand exhibition area

• 2024 Kobayashi Motors New Product Launch Conference

Beijing Kobayashi Motors Decoration Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Jiuding Automobile New Product Launch Conference

Changzhou Jiuding Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Performance modification

• 2024 high-standard new product launch conference

Jiangsu Gaobiao Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Tianjian Automobile New Product Launch Conference

Guangzhou Tianjian Auto Supplies Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Hongyi Intelligent Car New Product Launch Conference

Guangzhou Hongyi Intelligent Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Guangchi off-road new product launch conference

Guangchi off-road brand exhibition area

• 2024 Guangchi off-road new product launch conference

Guangchi off-road brand exhibition area

• 2024 Langyu modified new product launch conference

Langyu modified brand exhibition area

• 2024 Zero Innovation Product Launch Conference

Zero Creation Brand Exhibition Area

• 2024 Junxi Auto Parts New Product Launch Conference

Chongqing Junxi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Peran new product launch conference

Peran brand exhibition area

Automotive film

• The era of foundry-grade color-changing film has arrived, and you are invited to become a color-changing film big shot.

Anhui Quyanhuise New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

• Endorsed by listed companies, seize the opportunity of three-film light reform and take off against the trend

Shanghai Jinghua Hengye New Materials Co., Ltd.

• Committed to becoming the vehicle wrapping brand with the highest satisfaction, the world's first knowing how to quickly build a million wrapping stores from 0 to 1

Xingchenhai (Shanghai) Automotive Technology Co., Ltd.

• YEECAR new product launch conference

Yeecar New Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Gulf Paint Mask Brand Conference

Jiangsu Chenglan Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.

• The 18th China Automotive Aftermarket Upgrading Trend Forum and China 4S Store Automotive Supplies Operation and Management Advanced Training Course Sponsor

Shanghai Nar Industrial Co., Ltd.

• Eastman 2024 New Product Launch

Eastman (China) Investment Management Co., Ltd.

• Quantum membrane new product launch conference

French Saint-Gobain Group

• 2024 Wanhua New Product Launch Conference

Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.

• KSG new product launch conference

Tudun New Material Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Avery New Product Launch Conference

Avery Dennison (China) Co., Ltd.

• Zhuide display film new product global launch conference

Shanghai Zhuide New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

• Carles color changing film new product launch conference

Zhaoqing Carles Industrial Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Casbon New Product Launch Conference

Dongguan Casbon Film Materials Co., Ltd.

• Zhangtai transcends the "film" era and leads a new live show with different standards

Xiamen Zhangtai Insulation Film Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Jiujiang Lida New Product Launch Conference

Jiujiang Lida Technology Co., Ltd.

• Punofi Colorful Car Cover Film Live Performance and New Product Launch

Punofi New Materials Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Shuangxingke launches new product launch

Jiangxi Kewei Thin Film New Materials Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Xiangke New Product Launch Conference

Fujian Xiangke New Material Technology Co., Ltd

• 2024 Coolite New Product Launch Conference

Foshan Coolite New Materials Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Yuneng New Product Launch Conference

Zhejiang Yuneng New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Dao Visual New Product Launch Conference

Shenzhen Daoshi Technology Co., Ltd

• 2024 film new product launch conference

Guangzhou Lingmo New Film Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Hang Neng New Product Launch Conference

Hebei Hangneng New Materials Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Deming new product release

Hebei Deming New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Aerospace Mountain New Product Release and Brand Investment Conference

Jiangsu Aerospace Shanyou Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Nakoda New Product Launch Conference

Nantong Nakoda Polyurethane Cool Technology Co., Ltd.

Tire hub

• Make Chinese wheels travel around the world, CITIC Dicastal 2024 new product launch conference

CITIC Dicastal Co., Ltd.

• “Lizhong Wheel, Turns the World” 2024 New Product Launch

Baoding Lizhong Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

• Arishi's new lightweight modified wheel product launch conference

Shanghai Arishi Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

• Senet: Wheel hub personalized global customization 2024 new product launch conference

Dingnan Senet Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

• Poran forged aluminum wheels lead the lightweight era 2024 new product launch conference

Jiangsu Peran Co., Ltd.

• Zhejiang Yueling carbon fiber wheel/carbon fiber wheel hub new product launch conference

Zhejiang Yueling Co., Ltd.

Automotive electronics

• 2024 Eye of the Sky New Product Launch Conference

Shenzhen Tianzhiyan High-tech Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Qingliantong Innovation Product Launch Conference

Shenzhen Qinglian Tongchuang Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Klaifu New Product Launch Conference

Shantou Kelaifu Electronics Co., Ltd.

• 2024Shenzhen Daoshi Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Daoshi Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Aidefu New Product Launch Conference

Guangzhou Aidefu Electronics Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Xiangchepai New Product Launch Conference

Shenzhen Xiangchepai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Chezhilian New Product Launch Conference

Guangzhou Chezhilian Electronics Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Shengpai New Product Launch Conference

Shenzhen Shengpai Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Aikai New Product Launch Conference

Foshan Aikai Electric Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Zhongya AutoLink New Product Launch Conference

Shenzhen Zhongya AutoLink Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Lujie New Product Launch Conference

Shenzhen Lujie Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Qingdao Tianchenjia Innovation Product Launch Conference

Qingdao Tianchen Jiachuang Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

Automotive audio

• 2024 FOCAL New Product Launch

March 7, 2024 1B Conference Hall

• 2024RS new product launch conference

Guangzhou Dingfeng Auto Supplies Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Oak Trading Brand Launch Conference

Guangzhou Oak Trading Co., Ltd.

• 2024SOUND BOX new product launch conference

Guangzhou Soundbox Acoustic Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024IE New Product Launch Conference

Changsha Jiangbo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Audison New Product Launch

• 2024 MOHAwK New Product Launch

• 2024 KICKER New Product Launch

• 2024 Finlang new product launch conference

Guangzhou Fenlang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Automotive lighting

• 2024 FSL Foshan Lighting New Product Launch Conference

Foshan Electrical and Lighting Co., Ltd.

• Netease Optoelectronics 2024 New Product Launch Conference

Zhongshan Easystar Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Yiyuan Intelligent VISHAY2.75MMR Automotive Auxiliary Light New Product Launch Conference

Guangdong Yiyuan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Hongguan Intelligent Car Lighting New Product Launch Conference

Zhejiang Hongguan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024DLAA Diguang Auto Parts New Product Launch Conference

Zhongshan Diguang Auto Parts Industrial Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Longding Car Lighting New Product Launch Conference

Zhejiang Longding Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Shilan headlight new product launch conference

Enping Shilan Lighting Electronics Co., Ltd.

• "Light up the front for you" Huaning Light Bulb 2024 New Product Launch Conference

Haining Huaning Light Bulb Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Automotive Lighting New Product Launch Conference

Guangzhou Youzao Electronics Co., Ltd.

• Parking air conditioner new product launch conference

Foshan Sanshui Gegu Electric Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Nine Plus One Blue Duck GT6LED Headlight New Product Launch Conference

Guangzhou Jiujiayi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 LED headlight new product launch conference

Shenzhen Sun Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd.

• Super Vision E35Lpro direct laser 2024 new product launch conference

Super Vision Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Aoke Lighting F100 high-power car light new product launch conference

Zhou Aoke Lighting Electric Co., Ltd.

Automotive air conditioning

• Guerfu Intelligent Voice Control Parking Air Conditioner New Product Launch Conference

Henan Yierfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

• "Smart Mobile Life +" 2024 New Product Launch Conference

Jiangxi Weile Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Car Air Conditioner New Product Launch Conference

Taizhou Hangning Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

• Tianhe vehicle ecosystem creates a safe and intelligent car travel life

Shandong Tianhe New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 commercial vehicle parking air conditioner new product release

Jiangsu Youlika New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

• Turn on the 5S carp starting power supply for parking air conditioner in the intelligent era

Suzhou Miaoyi Technology Co., Ltd.

• 2024 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration New Product Launch Conference

Henan Leng Leng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Automotive service

• "Focus achieves love, ingenuity creates the future" Haoshun Technology 2024 New Product Launch Conference

Guangdong Haoshun Odis Technology Co., Ltd.

• Fengwo Auto Care 2024 New Product Launch

Guangzhou Fengwo Auto Supplies Co., Ltd.

• Net Japan Water Bomb 2024 New Product Launch Conference

Dongguan Sophia Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

• Mesh chassis armor, exhaust pipe protection 2024 new product launch

Shenzhen Sanda Auto Supplies Co., Ltd.

• "Top beauty, made by Lantai 2024 new product launch conference

Hangzhou Lantai Technology Co., Ltd.

• "Love your car more than you do" 2024 new product launch conference

Guangdong Youbei Technology Co., Ltd.

• Custar Auto Supplies 2024 New Product Launch Conference

Guangzhou Custar Auto Supplies Co., Ltd.

• Custar Auto Supplies 2024 New Product Launch Conference

Guangzhou Custar Auto Supplies Co., Ltd.


Auto technology theme

Many auto technology source factories in this theme exhibition area have all unveiled and released annual new products, bringing together 500+ brands such as Mobileye, Iron General, Lambda, AutoNavi, Hikvision, Guoding Technology, etc., 50+ new energy vehicles, 10+ head-mounted auto technology companies release cutting-edge and popular technologies such as smart cockpits, AI, and autonomous driving as well as annual new products, display major technological directions, and reshape the value chain and competitive landscape of the automotive industry.


Shenzhen Huasixu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of lithium battery technology application products. It is a national-level specialized and special "little giant" enterprise and an industry standard drafting unit, China Deputy team leader unit for drafting energy storage power supply industry standards. It has developed more than 300 products and has obtained 469 global patents. It has passed UL, CE, FCC, PSE, RoHS and other product certifications as well as ISO9001, TS16949, BSCI, C-TPAT and other system certifications. Its business has expanded to six continents and fifty countries around the world. Mainly engaged in core products such as automobile starting power supply (heavy truck savior), heavy truck start-stop lithium battery, outdoor power supply, home storage, etc., which can be widely used in self-driving travel, wild camping, emergency rescue and disaster relief, power outage emergency, heavy truck emergency rescue and other fields. The products have been sold far away. More than 50 countries and regions on 6 continents around the world, with cumulative sales of tens of millions of units.



Qingdao Tianchen Jiachuang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. started research and development in 2006. It is the first company in China to focus on automatic anti-pinch suction systems for automobile doors. It mainly sells electric suction door products and has its own brand registered trademark. It was officially named Qingdao Tianchen Jiachuang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. in early 2016 and has successively announced and shared more than 40 intellectual property patents and scientific research results with the world. Jootoon has focused on automatic door closing technology for more than ten years. It is rooted in grasping consumers' car experience demands as the development driving force for continuous product innovation, and is committed to providing customers with a safe, comfortable and healthy car experience. It has formed a high-tech industrial chain integrating R&D, production and sales. It has the most advanced production equipment, processes and completely independent intellectual property rights in the world, and has senior R&D management and industrial manufacturing experience. The company has passed IATF16949:2016 quality system certification and can customize products.



Raytron (stock code: 688002.SH) is a leading national high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacturing technology development of application-specific integrated circuits and special chips. It is deeply involved in the three major fields of infrared, microwave and laser, and masters multi-spectral sensing. With core R&D technologies and AI algorithm R&D capabilities, it provides global customers with MEMS chips, ASIC processor chips, infrared thermal imaging entire industry chain products, laser, microwave products and optoelectronic systems with excellent performance. Ruichuang Microna owns InfiRay®, infiwave®, infisense®, Xinfrared® and other brand trademarks. Its products are widely used in night vision observation, artificial intelligence, satellite communications, autonomous driving, drone payloads, machine vision, smart industry, fire safety, internet of things, intelligent robots, laser ranging and other fields.


Shenzhen Chezhijie Internet of Vehicles Co., Ltd. is an intelligent Internet of Vehicles system solution provider integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is located in Shenzhen, a global electronic product production base with convenient transportation. The company has been deeply involved in the field of Internet of Things for 10 years. It adheres to the concept of technology-oriented, continuous innovation, and open cooperation to customize diversified intelligent information terminals for customers. Product research and development is based on 2G/3G/4G/CDMA/WCDMA/NB-IOT/eMTC/satellite communication/LORA/Beidou/GPS and other high-tech fields, covering intelligent vehicle integration systems, new energy vehicle TBOX, and 4G intelligent vehicle terminals , OBD/CANBUS terminals, shared car terminals and other software and hardware R&D and production. The company takes respect, gratitude, integrity, innovation, and hard work as its values, and is committed to the application innovation of satellite positioning systems and wireless communication technologies, providing professional solutions for the Internet of Everything, helping partners develop, building teams, and contributing to society as its mission.



Shenzhen Surbaner Technology Co., Ltd. is a radio frequency terminal, vehicle monitoring system and EMC solutions company. Since its establishment in 2011, it has mainly designed and produced various types of antennas such as vehicle antennas, consumer electronic antennas, satellite antennas, positioning and navigation, etc.; it also produces ADAS, passenger cars and trucks, buses, online ride-hailing, special vehicles and other vehicle-mounted cameras, displays and other automotive electronic products.



Guangzhou Wowside New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. is a company focusing on the field of Tesla modification. Since its establishment, it has developed a series of Tesla-specific ecological products. Moreover, the company adheres to the business philosophy of "innovation, quality, and service" and strives to take "quality" as the basis, seek development with "innovation", and win the market with "service". Guangzhou Wowside New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. promises to provide the highest quality products and services to make your Tesla car a true dream car.



Changzhou Xinder-tech Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 and is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of a series of automotive barrier-free equipment. The main products include wheelchair lifts, wheelchair boarding guides, electric steps, manual steps, welfare seats, rotating seat wheelchair storage devices, wheelchair fixing devices, wheelchair boarding traction devices, quick-release seat fixing devices, and car driving assistance devices for disabled people, trunk wheelchair storage, etc., and provide supporting facilities and services to domestic and foreign customers. The company has passed IATF16949:2016 quality system certification and won the honor of National High-tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Private Technology Enterprise, and Changzhou Private Technology Enterprise. It has multiple high-tech product certification certificates. The company's products have been supplied to major passenger car OEMs at home and abroad, including Yutong customers, GAC Group, etc.; they have been exported to nearly 60 countries; the main products have passed ISO certification, EU CE quality certification and EMARK certification, and GB13094-2017 related certifications.



Guangzhou Candid Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in ADAS and autonomous driving. It is located in Huachuang High-end Manufacturing Industrial Park in Panyu, Guangzhou, and has a R&D and manufacturing base with a total area of 12,000 square meters. The company is committed to the R&D, production and sales of automotive electronic products such as automotive cameras, 360 panoramic imaging systems, driving recorders, integrated national standard ETC driving recorders, and ADAS. At present, it has supplied a large amount of products to mainstream domestic and foreign OEMs and provided professional supporting services to mainstream domestic and foreign OEMs. The company has an independent and complete software and hardware R&D team, and all key core technologies are independently developed. Adhering to the service concept of "customized services and pursuing zero defects", it is customer-centered, provide customers with fast and efficient product technology solutions and services, and create value for customers; the company has fully introduced IATF16949 and VDA6.3 automotive industry quality management systems, and has China CNAS ISO17025 system certification laboratory.


The company was founded in 2020 and is committed to creating a series of products such as non-sensory intelligent human body sensing and life care products, which are widely used in home/community elderly care intelligent care, intelligent sleep monitoring, medical intelligent monitoring and vehicle radar and other scenarios. The company has a data analysis, algorithm design and system integration R&D team led by professors and PhDs, with a total of 21 R&D staff, over 71% of whom have a graduate degree or above. It has made technological breakthroughs in many fields such as edge sensing algorithms, data analysis and mining, and embedded software and hardware design and artificial intelligence, and obtained/applied for more than 50 technology patents in related fields. The company focuses on the millimeter wave radar track and serves the millimeter wave radar market such as intelligent health care, sleep monitoring, medical monitoring and vehicle radar.



Zinger was established in 2014 and is one of the earliest pioneers and promoters in the HUD industry in China. As an industry-leading AR-HUD Tier1 supplier, Zinger has successfully provided auto technology AR-HUD (augmented reality head-up display) and VPA (medialess suspended imaging voice wizard product) to many domestic and foreign OEMs. In December 2022, Zinger successfully mass-produced the AR-HUD exclusively supplied to Lantu Zhuguang, which is standard on all models, becoming one of the first suppliers in the industry to mass-produce AR-HUD. In September 2023, Zhiyun Valley completed tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing, led by Fresh Capital. The funds raised in this round will be used for the advanced deployment of AR-HUD forward-looking technology, smart factory expansion, and accelerated product delivery to significantly increase Zinger’s market share in the AR-HUD track.


Commercial Vehicle Theme

Domestic commercial vehicle companies such as Sinotruk, GAC Hino, Foton Motor, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle, FAW Jiefang, Yutong, BYD, Qingling Motors, Chenglong Motors, Nanjing Iveco, etc. will all be present, with 500+ commercial vehicle accessories brands gathering together, the exhibition area covers the entire chain of commercial vehicles, auto technology, aftermarket applications and truck culture, comprehensively displaying innovative products and technology research and development results in China's commercial vehicle industry.

Massive new products in the commercial vehicle sector

Passenger car safety supervision service system supports Beidou third generation/GPS positioning, 4G full network communication, supports ADAS, DSM, face recognition and other intelligent functions. The integrated design of driving recorder and in-car surveillance camera optimizes installation and shortens construction time. It can .]’avoid blocking the driver's view, and is widely used in rental, online booking, official car and other scenarios.

Through 5G's real-time remote monitoring, combined with remote driving, the team can realize equidistant vehicle following, vehicle emergency automatic braking and anti-collision warning, and can remotely control vehicle alignment, automatic loading and unloading of ore.

Shenzhen Tongli Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of (active safety) video standard machines, vehicle video recorders and related products. The company focuses on the research and development of audio and video code, storage and transmission technologies, integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, system solutions and Service. It is a high-tech enterprise and software enterprise. The company has a technical R&D team with rich experience and has formed strong software and hardware product system development capabilities. The company fully owns the independent intellectual property rights of the products it develops. All types of products are in a leading position in the industry. The products have a high market share and excellent reputation. The company's products have been successfully used in many major domestic events and are widely used in many countries around the world.

4G remote monitoring all-in-one machine, 2.5D touch, high definition, easy to install, and extremely cost-effective.

GT006 (central control vehicle computer)/GT007 (desktop) is a high-end multi-functional navigation and panoramic all-in-one computer for passenger trucks. It adopts Qualcomm Snapdragon eight-core flagship chip with high definition and stable performance. It supports external 4-12-channel radar. It supports ADAS\DMS, tire pressure monitoring, 4G remote/fleet management, and vehicle intercom. It is the first choice of various fire protection system departments, fire truck modification factories, and special vehicle factories. It can be customized and developed according to customer needs.

The electronic rearview mirror system for commercial vehicles has passed EU UN R-46 regulatory certification and GB 15084-2022 testing. It can provide complete solutions for Class II, Class IV, Class V, and Class VI, and is suitable for all commercial vehicle types.

Vehicle-mounted display: imported high-brightness display screen, exclusive private model, wide-voltage industrial-grade design, can prevent line short circuit and reverse power connection. Applicable fields of application: engineering machinery vehicles, buses, two-passenger and one-risk vehicles, and special vehicles and other fields; security monitoring, vehicle reversing images for various models, video microscopes, customization of industrial equipment display solutions, special displays for POS machines, small LCD TVs, etc.


RV camping theme

In 2024, the exhibits in this theme exhibition area cover RV parts, camping and outdoor equipment, two-wheelers and riding equipment, etc. 300+ brands such as Xingzhou RV, Miye RV, and Eriba will be present, bringing together the most popular self-driving travel related items - RVs. , camping sites, RV parts, camp education, outdoor equipment, self-driving tours, etc., igniting the craze of automobile culture and life.

Zhejiang Xingchi Automobile Co., Ltd. was established in October 2013 and is located in the "Jiangnan Headquarters" base built in Haining, Zhejiang. It has always focused on product research, development, production and sales of special vehicles. The company currently mainly produces Venus brand luxury commercial vehicles, Bochi brand high-end commercial vehicles, passenger cars, ambulances, recreational vehicles, trailers and other products. As a sub-brand of Xingchi, a high-end business leader, Bochi inherits Xingchi's car-making concepts and experience. It has accumulated more than ten years of brand experience. As a veteran brand, the strength and charm of its products are very dazzling.

Eurotech (Ningbo) Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development, production and sales of vehicle-mounted bicycle racks and trailer plugs, sockets, trailer lights and other products. It deals in a variety of rear-mounted bicycle racks, vehicle racks, vehicle pet boxes, and trailer parts. In order to provide fashionable, environmentally friendly, safe, easy-to-use and high-quality products, the company has a professional design team and production base. It is committed to cooperating with major enterprises and manufacturers to provide services to the society and users based on the idea of industrial development.

Committed to providing users with the best outdoor sports experience, making them feel more comfortable and safe during their journey to explore nature.

Yutong RV is a high-end RV brand under Yutong Bus. It inherits Yutong's advanced technology and achieves the perfect unity of product practicality, reliability, comfort and safety. On the basis of meeting the needs of "safer, more environmentally friendly, more worry-free and smarter", Yutong RV creatively develops products and provides services based on the individual needs of car owners. Yutong RV advocates a more comfortable and beautiful travel experience, allowing people to enjoy the fun of RV life. RV travel is not only a way of traveling, but also an attitude towards life.

Longcui RV is affiliated to Xinjiao Group and is a company focusing on intelligent manufacturing of RVs, O2O RV sharing, leasing and sales. Founded in September 2013, with a total investment of 2.16 billion yuan, it has 20 years of mature vehicle intelligent manufacturing experience. It was one of the first practitioners of China's independent brand cars. Later, it established the GAC Goio joint venture with Guangzhou Automobile Group and won honors such as "China's Top Ten RV Brands" and "China's Leading RV Brand". Longcui RV is committed to becoming a comprehensive enterprise in the RV field with certain influence in Asia. It takes "the world's RV production base and the capital of China's RV manufacturing" as its mission and continues to make innovative breakthroughs.

Lanzhong RV is a domestic enterprise specializing in the production and sales of RVs. It adheres to Great Wall Motors' more than ten years of RV research and development results and production technology, and uses Great Wall RV special chassis, Maxus V80 chassis and Iveco RV chassis to produce RV products. It is the earliest and most professional RV manufacturing enterprise in China. Over the years, it has developed and designed a number of RV invention and design patented technologies, such as the first RV-specific chassis, exclusive application, safe and reliable high-strength load-bearing ability; the first to apply solar battery power supply technology to RV; the first to use parking heater and hot water system; the first pickup-style RV front and rear through design etc.. It is the leading brand in China's RV industry with its front and rear through-type RV design.

Yate RV is a product of Tangshan Yate Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd., a national high-tech innovation enterprise. The company is a national standard-setting unit and has more than 60 national patents. It was founded in 2004 and is located in Tangshan High-tech Zone. It has total assets of 500 million yuan, covers an area of 136,000 square meters, has more than 1,000 employees, and has an annual production capacity of 10,000 special-purpose vehicles. In 2012, it began to enter the recreational vehicle industry. Over the past 11 years, it has won widespread praise in terms of regardless of design, material selection, and safety from the public with its exquisite craftsmanship and rigorous ingenuity, coupled with its excellent product quality.

REV RV is a new RV brand jointly created by Chery Automobile and the American REV Group. It integrates the advantages of both China and the United States in product research and development, vehicle manufacturing, parts supply, etc., and fully combines the usage habits of Chinese consumers and U.S. REV’s design concepts and standards of RV over these years, and has implemented a digital, modular and standardized development system. The company's main business is the R&D, manufacturing, sales and service of recreational vehicles, ambulances, commercial vehicles and other special vehicle products. Committed to becoming an advocate of Chinese RV culture, a builder of RV ecosystem, and a leader of special vehicle brands.


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Founded in 2006, Shenzhen International Smart Mobility, Auto Modification and Aftermarket Service Ecosystems Expo (referred to as: CIMP AutoEcosystems Expo) has been successfully held for 23 sessions. With the core concept of ‘Technology, Fashion and Trade’, the exhibition is the most influential and the only large-scale exhibition and trade platform in Asia covering Auto Technology, Vehicle Release, Auto Aftermarket, and Auto Culturecategories and business form. The 2024 CIMP AutoEcosystems Expo will be expanded and upgraded comprehensively, with the total exhibition scale of 280,000 square meter and the buyers are expected to exceed 300,000.“Media and VIP Buyer Day” will be established for the first time, and the exhibition period will be extended to 4 days. The Expo consists of four major themed exhibitions: Shenzhen International Custom Modified Vehicle Exhibition, Global Intelligent Vehicles Conference and Fair, Shenzhen International Commercial Vehicle Ecosystems Expo, and Shenzhen International RV & Camping Exhibition, which is a grand ceremony in the automotive industry dedicated to creating a global annual high-quality and efficient new products, new technology releases and trading platforms.